About the Instructor

About the Instructor:

Over the last 35 plus years, John Highman has worked as an Property Agent and Broker in Commercial Real Estate Investment Sales, Leasing, and Property Management. In doing that he has gained considerable experience in the large major asset classes of Office, Industrial and Retail Property.

Today he shares that experience and information online with you in a series of specialised real estate courses. The candidates enrolling in the Courses come from all parts of the World. The information John shares with you is practical, knowledgeable, and useful.

John is also a Keynote Speaker in Commercial and Retail Real Estate and he has spoken at property conferences around the World including the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Dubai. He understands what works in investment property today. He can help you with your brokerage business and real estate agent focus.

Welcome to the Course.