Concept introduction for Module 4

In this part of the course the topic is about presentations and listing pitches. The idea here being that every listing pitch or presentation can be of high quality, and on that basis will help you convert more listings over time.

If you are located in a competitive property market, then these ideas will help you with lifting your conversions of listings.

Think about your real estate presentations now and particularly:

  • How you present your ideas
  • How you engage with your clients of different types
  • What you do in preparation for a listing presentation
  • How your competitors would sell their ideas to a client
  • How you can be better in explaining your property ideas and presentations

Enjoy this part of the course and don't rush the concept through. Take your time and make your decisions. We never stop learning in the real estate business. When you look at things that way you will appreciate that there is plenty more business out there for you to convert.

Best Regards,

John Highman

Course Creator and Editor