Introduction to the Course - Read this First


This Course is designed to help brokers and agents prospect effectively in their territory to find new business. For your progress we have split up the resources in logical order, however you can move around in any order and at any time. You will see why you might want to to that below.

All resources are downloadable for your retention and progress. Listen to the audio programs a number of times so you can make some choices on fresh new action in your real estate business. Go back over things, that is how you learn. Form new habits as that is important in progress in commercial real estate today.

The Course 'gateway' is here for you 24/7, so use it when you want more ideas or help. Download as you wish.

Here are some tips for you:

  1. Start with Lecture 1 as that section contains the Main Workbook and the first audio program. Review the Workbook extensively, download it and print it to read and review. You should make notes on issues that you want to come back to over time.
  2. Lectures 2 and 3 contain the other Audio programs plus some charts to give you guidance. There are three parts to the audio program. Approximately 90 minutes in total.
  3. Lectures 4 and 5 contain the call and door-knocking scripts to use respectively. They will get you started with your progress. You should practice those things. Over time you will develop a dialogue that you are comfortable with. You will also develop your systems of prospecting. That is exactly the outcome you should strive to achieve.
  4. Lecture 6 contains some bonus Mindmaps that will help you with your planning and momentum
  5. Lecture 7 contains some Spreadsheets to keep your prospecting and new business organised so use those things from the start.

Enjoy the program. Small steps every day will help you achieve your targets and your momentum. The way to prospecting success involves consistent daily action. This program will help you achieve that.


John Highman

Commercial Course Coach and Editor