What to expect in this Course

Hi There and Welcome to the Course.

The program is all about 'Essential Selling Skills'.

It is designed to help you get your real estate business sorted and set to a plan with momentum. The best agents are those that work to a system. That is the approach we take. The 'random and generic' approach doesn't work in commercial real estate brokerage.

Use this Course to deliberately take your real estate business forward through a series of steps and stages. You can learn from your experiences and the activities in your property market. Compound and grow your efforts to a plan and put your clients at the centre of your business. We help you see those things in this course.

The Modules

We have split the program up into four simple modules for you to review and work through. You can access the Course materials at your own pace 24/7. The Course will be here when you need it.

The sections of the Course are:

  1. Setting some solid foundations to your real estate business
  2. Creating a system of prospecting for new business
  3. A focus on listing presentations to win more business
  4. Marketing skills to help you grow your business over time

As with everything today, learning and self improvement is important. There is no point in being ordinary in 'commercial real estate brokerage'.

Refresh and Repeat

You can refresh and repeat the modules as much as you like to get more ideas and perhaps even to 'put your focus back on track'. Take deliberate steps to build on your skills, your strengths, and solve any weaknesses you may have. Top Agents achieve that status through continual personal improvement.

Commercial real estate is a journey, and you never really stop learning over the years. We can all improve things, so adopt that mindset to everything you do in the industry.

When you complete the Course you will have some solid ideas and strategies to drive your real estate business forward.

Welcome to the Course.

Best Regards,

John Highman

Commercial Course Creator and Editor.